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Secrets& Sex Life - Buenos Aires

White Girl Prostitutes

Italians like it colorful. So most of the prostitutes in italy (where it is legal) accentuate their african or asian roots. In some areas like Umbria, the darker they are the more they can make. There’s even a fetish for muslim women with the purdah. All over the world, this lusty craving for the different exists.

Well, maybe some folks are colorblind, but for the rest of us, its hard to ignore how absolutely white Buenos Aires is. If you live there, you find you have to watch the television to see black people.

Prostitution is almost legal in B.A. So are stip clubs and cabarets.What I mean is there is no law about it! It’s a confusing situation so just do it, it will be ok.  Things can be very very cheap but also very expensive. If you want to go out in B.A you can find the most glamour strip clubs with the most beautiful women you’ever seen. I mean the strip club industry is doing it right here. One thing you can do in strip clubs here and you can’t do in my country is have sex with these girls, but get ready to pay a lot of money! One the other hand you have the cheap districts! Constitution is one of them. Walking there you can find girls, boys, boy-girls and so on, in every corner! Cheap and dirty sex for those who want it!

Another big thing in Buenos Aires is the Telos. These places are hotels for people who want to “spend” a couple of hours with somebody in a more kinky way. Mirrors on the ceiling, Jacuzzi and maybe porn on tv for ya! Telos are one of the biggest businesses here. Why?  Cause people like to party in B.A. Married or not, with a girlfriend or not, every day at lunch time these telos are full of people that enjoying different partners instead of having lunch with colleagues! It’s pretty easy to find one cause they are everywhere and they look colorful and kitch! You find different telos for different wallets! From 18 USD up to 100 USD per hour!

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