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Sex Life - Kampala
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Sex Life

Sex Life

”I know she got her husband from the internet” a lady spoke out loud in Owino market and she didn’t care to see whether me or my boyfriend James were listening. Internet is how locals get white boys and girl here in Kampala often. Looking cool is paramount; the cooler you look, the easier it is for you to hook a date.
This ain’t the James Bond version of Africa. Sexuality in Kampala is smooth and subdued. You will find the doggy style, groping and grinding clubs, but you have to look, they are far from the norm. The typical Kampala girl is cool. Make that doubly cool. If she’s all over you she’s a prostitute and you probably chose the club specifically for hookaville.
Just a few minutes into a conversation with your new catch, the question, “where is  your  ride?” pops up. If you do not have a car, you might need to hover around some stranger’s car so that your new guy or girl thinks it belongs to you.
In the wee hours of the morning, some couples get really intimate on cars, against walls and in the toilets.The loaded in their posh houses.

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Sex Life

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